Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Compare and contrast

The New Zealand Leeches threats are both adult eels and birds because they are food to these species. On the other hand the freshwater Damselfly is  threatened by pollution of habitat, from people letting their soapy and painty water go down their stormwater drains which leads into the Damselflies freshwater habitat.
One of the other things that Damselflies and New Zealand Leeches are similarly threatened by includes changes in the waterways water quality, for example when pH levels go up so it becomes too acidic for them to live in.

Also sometimes people are a threat to  damselfly and  New Zealand leeches  because they keep on cutting the riparian zones down. As a result of this some sediment gets in the water.  It  starts to heat the water up because the water with the sediment is directly  in front of the sun.   On the other hand when the riparian zones are there they will protect the water from heating up and give some shady places for the invertebrates to  keep cool. 

Overall damselflies and leeches are both still here today and also living in our flowing waterways.

 By Ryan and Sienna

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