Thursday, 6 August 2015


My reflection 

This term for inquiry I tested the waterways because we were working on what made a polluted waterways. First I tested the PH it checks for how much acidity and the alkaline is in the waterways. If you drink too much acidity and alkaline it will melt your insides. Next I checked the TDS which checks for how many total dissolved solids are in the waterways. 

I also studied a leech the Maori name is ngate. Did you know leeches can live in polluted waterways? I also learnt at the museum the Avon river is the most polluted waterway.

Hayato and I made an iMovie  about the polluted waterways and how people are killing the invertebrates and distorting and destroying their habits. I think it worked because am not seeing as much rubbish in the streets and the parks.

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