Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The treehouse

The Treehouse

The sky was clear, the hills were coated in snow. The air was fresh, from the mountain glow. Hidden among the trees, where the dappled light shows, lives a treehouse that awaits to be known.

The smell of damp wood fills the air, while the birds sing their morning song. The warmth of the sun peeking through the mossy trees, sparkles on the gleaming lake.

The treehouse door opens with a creak, inside a bright light dangles from the ceiling. Floral wallpaper covers the walls like flowers blooming in a garden.

You walk into the bathroom and the bath bubbles like bubblegum pop on your face as yellow ducklings glide on the thermal warm water.

The kitchen is filled with old China and posh cutlery. The cupboards were fragments blushed in sparkling pixie dust.

In the bedroom the fluffy pillows feel like you’re laying on fresh candy floss, while the mattress submerges your body.
And to top it of, extending of the bedroom sits a Cadbury's chocolate colored balcony so high up it feels like you're gassing over the world.

By Chloe, Ryan and Anzu 


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  1. Wow! Now this sounds like my kind of tree house! An inviting and hidden sanctuary where I can gaze out over the world and submerge myself in a comfortable bed. Simple things but described beautifully. My favourite part is your first paragraph where you set the scene.. stunning. Well done. Miss D :)