Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Travel more often for example 

Imagine you're in Rarotonga. The golden sand twinkling in the sun light. In the aqua sea the exotic fish glide past, just ignore the slimy sea slugs that might resemble black mushy bananas. 

I've recently caught the wanderlust bug. It starts off with slither of an urge to travel, just a short distance to maybe Kaikoura, but then it kicks off and before you know it you're on a plane to the other side of world, in my case I was off to Scotland.

A plus side to the wanderlust bug is you get to see a lot of things you won't see at home for example I went to the Edinburgh Dungeons and and I got to see a lot of funny and exciting sights and scenes. Like in the darkest, deepest part of the Edinburgh Dungeon a creepy guy wearing a mr whippy ice cream shaped wig sentenced my mum to death, because she was ‘supposedly’ spotted dancing around a bonfire naked and chanting random word like a witch.

Another plus side to the wanderlust bug is the cool and peculiar food you see and taste like ‘dragon fruit’ you find it in the scorching heat of Singapore. It's like a white square with black seeds in it and it slides across the plate when you move it, but I can't tell you what it tastes like because I was to much of a wimp to try it. But something that I have tried is haggis it's pretty much a sausage with different kinds of meat in it. 

Something that everybody gets excited about is the plane ride. Because who doesn't like soaring through the clouds and just sitting back and relaxing while you smoothly glide through the sky. But there is something that nobody likes which is that annoying kid that kicks the back of your seat, or the baby that won't be quiet, those are just some of the down sides of flying, but it's mostly good just watch out for those little things that could make your trip less fun. 

In conclusion I think you should travel more often because It makes you happy and excited but just mind that was jetlag.


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